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axs Services


axs, the smart services by TECOM Group offers more than 200 government and corporate solutions. It enhances ease of doing business, providing a seamless user experience through leading-edge online services, integrated support centres and a dedicated customer care centre.


Through axs, business partners and their business professionals, entrepreneurs and students across TECOM Group’s communities can seamlessly access visa, leasing and other setup services under one roof.

Our Business Communities

Dubai Internet City

Dubai Internet City offers the perfect enabling environment  for your business with the right mix of commercial spaces, services, retail, events and a thriving community.

Dubai Outsource City

A business community dedicated to helping outsourcing companies provide services to global markets.

Dubai Industrial City

The leading manufacturing and logistics destination established to fast-track the growth of UAE’s industrial sector.

Dubai Media City

Home to regional and international companies, Dubai Media City provides a flourishing environment for media businesses.

Dubai Studio City

Provides cutting-edge facilities and services to companies across the broadcasting, TV and film production industries.

Dubai Production City

A business community geared towards fulfilling the needs of print and publishing industries.

Dubai Knowledge Park

A source of high-quality training institutes and recruitment consultancy firms that help meet the talent needs of businesses.

Dubai International Academic City

With 25,000+ students across multi-tiered academic institutions, the community nurtures UAE’s knowledge-based economy.

Dubai Science Park

A holistic, science-focused community dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs, SMEs and MNEs in the energy and environment businesses.

Dubai Design District

Home to the region’s creative thinkers, d3 supports Dubai’s vision of becoming a leading destination in design, art and culture.


As a startup incubator, in5 provides a platform for creative professionals where they can exchange ideas, collaborate and take concepts to the next level of growth.

Visit us

Phone: 800 4 AXS(297)

Email: support@axs.ae

Dubai Knowledge Park

Block 8, Ground Floor

Operating hours: 7:30am to 4:30pm

Dubai International Academic City 

Service Block, Ground Floor

Operating hours: 7:30am to 4:30pm

Dubai Studio City

Commercial Building 1, Ground floor

Operating hours: 7:30am to 4:30pm

  • How do I register for the axs services?
    The 'Manager-In-Charge' will receive the user credentials upon signing the lease agreement.
  • How do I update the "Manager in charge" details?
    Please send an email to info@dda.gov.ae to update the manager in-charge email address.
  • How can I create sub-user account and how many am I allowed?

    To create a sub-user you need to first "log-in" and then go to "My Profile" and assign the sub-user role and click "save". Please note below the sub-user entitlements:

    • Business center clients are entitled to 1 user.
    • Commercial offices up to 1,000 sq. ft.to 2 users.
    • Between 1001 sq. ft. up to 8,000 sq. ft. to 3 users.
    • Above 8,001 sq. ft. 4 users are designated.
  • Is there any browser limitation in accessing www.axs.ae?
    No, axs application is compatible with all browsers. Please refer to this guideline.
  • I need to reset my password, how can I do that?
    Admin account password can be reset by calling axs helpline at 800 4297. For sub-users, the admin user can reset their password.
  • As a registered company, how can I request a training for the axs Service?
    Please login to the axs portal to view video tutorials. In case of any questions, please contact 800 4 AXS(297) or support@axs.ae.
  • How do you arrange collection and delivery of documents for service requests?
    axs has arranged a dedicated courier service to collect and distribute all original documents.
  • Can I modify/cancel a request raised through the Online Service?
    Yes, you can modify/cancel an online request before payment completion.
  • I am getting some sanction messages while trying to apply for services online. What should I do?
    Approach axs Support team either by calling 800 4 axs(297) or use the 'Connect' tab to log a support case.
  • Is the Establishment Card mandatory for free zone companies?
    The Establishment Card is mandatory for all Free Zone companies; it enables Immigration to issue visas against the Establishment (company) name.
  • I am on a tourist visa, can I convert this entry to employment visa without exiting the country?
    No, a person on a tourist or a transit visa must exit the country before or after issuing the employment entry visa. A local amendment (position amendment) is not possible.
  • How long is the employment entry permit valid? Can I renew my employment entry permit?
    Employment entry visas are valid for sixty (60) days commencing from date of issue. If the employee did not enter the UAE within sixty (60) days from the Entry Permit's date of issue, then the validity of the permit expires and you can request axs to issue a new entry permit after paying entry permit retrying fee.
  • How long is my employment residence visa valid for?
    Employment residence visas are normally valid for three years from the date of issue; however companies can also apply for one year visas.
  • Can I transfer my employment visa from any UAE Free zone to a company registered under axs?
    Employees working in a free zone registered company or a government organization are allowed to transfer their sponsorship to axs subject to previous employer approval.
  • Can I transfer the sponsorship from my husband to a company registered under axs?
    Female employees sponsored by their husband or parents are allowed to transfer their sponsorship to an axs registered company via release transfer.
  • Can I transfer my employment visa from a private (DED licensed) company to a company registered under axs?
    No, you must cancel the residence visa without any ban and apply for a new residence visa in axs. However, to avoid an overstay fine you must complete the new residence stamping process within one month after cancellation of the existing residence visa.
  • Can I transfer my employment to another company within axs?
    Conceptually 'yes'; however you must obtain a no-objection from the existing company.
  • Can I renew the visit visa entry permit?
    Visit visa entry permits are non-renewable. These entry permits are valid for sixty (60) days commencing from the date of issue and visitors must enter the UAE within this period of validity.
  • I am on a short term (one month) business visit visa arranged by axs. Can I extend the validity of stay for an additional month?
    The validity of both short (one month) and long term (three months) business visit visas cannot be extended. You must exit the country upon expiry of the visa.
  • How I can apply for a multiple entry visa? How long is it valid?
    To request a multiple entry visa, the applicant must acquire a visit visa from axs and after arrival, convert it to a multiple entry visa. However, requests for multiple entry visas must be submitted within five days from the date of arrival.

    Multiple Entry visas are valid for six months and each entry is valid for thirty (30) days commencing from the date of entry.
  • Can I renew the visit visa entry permit?
    Visit visa entry permits are non-renewable. These entry permits are valid for sixty (60) days commencing from the date of issue and visitors must enter the UAE within this period of validity.
  • What is SSA? Is it mandatory to sign this agreement prior to applying for any student visa transactions?
    SSA (Student Sponsorship Agreement) is the agreement concluded between Dubai Development Authority (DDA) and a licensee whereby DDA agrees, subject to the terms and conditions therein; to sponsor students by the licensee. It is mandatory for all Academic Partners to sign the Personnel Sponsorship Agreement prior to applying for student visas under the sponsorship of DDA.
  • I have a valid trade license to operate in axs; can I apply for a student visa?
    axs arranges student visas for Dubai Knowledge Par educational institutes, Dubai International Academic City and Dubai Health Care City's universities and colleges only. Issuing student visas is strictly based upon the Business/Academic Partner's activities on the trade license.
  • I am on a tourist visa; can I convert this entry to student visa without exiting the country?
    No, a person on tourist or transit visa must exit the country before or after issuing student entry visa. Local amendment (position amendment) is not possible.
  • How long is the student visa valid?
    Student visas are valid for one year from the date of issue.
  • Can I transfer my residence visa from father's sponsorship to a university registered under axs as student?
    You can transfer the dependent residence visa to a student residence from parent sponsorship via release transfer application form.
  • Can I transfer my student visa to another university within axs?
    Student visa transfer within axs is allowed subject to receiving a no-objection letter from the previous university but the residence visa must be valid for at least six months. Otherwise current residence visa should be cancelled and application should be made for a new residence visa.
  • Can I renew my residence (student) visa more than four times consecutively?
    This is subject to approval from the axs management.
  • I am a sponsored employee of a company operating in the axs zone. How can I apply for my wife's and children's visas? Are there any salary barriers to obtaining dependent visas?
    axs arranges residence visas for the dependents of sponsored employees if their salary is in line with Immigration requirements. To obtain a dependent visa, the minimum monthly salary requirement is AED 4,000/-
  • My marriage certificate is not attested. Can I apply for my spouse's residence visa?
    To apply for a spouse visa, marriage certificate should be attested by UAE's Consulate in the country of origin or Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE. However, certain European nationalities do not require attestation from the Ministry of Foreign affairs and their un-notarized contracts are accepted if their Certificates are in English and bear identical surnames.
  • I have lost my original attested marriage certificate; however I have a copy of the same attested marriage certificate. Will the attested marriage certificate copy suffice or is the original required?
    The original Marriage Certificate (translated to Arabic or English) should be provided for verification; the attested copy will not be sufficient.
  • My children are born outside UAE. Do I need to attest their birth certificates to bring them to my sponsorship?
    Birth certificates should be attested by UAE’s Consulate in the country of origin or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.