Sultan Al Jaber visits Enviroserve and Unilever's factory in Dubai Industrial City, receives briefing on manufacturers’ plans to expand to new regional and international markets


Dubai-UAE: 13 April 2022 : His Excellency Sultan bin Ahmed Al Jaber, Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology, has visited Enviroserve, a company specializing in electronic waste, and the Unilever factory, which is the largest manufacturer of liquid personal care products in the Middle East and North Africa. Both are located in Dubai Industrial City (DI), part of TECOM Group, which was established in 2004 to be a major driver for the industrial sector in the UAE by attracting business and investments in the fields of light and medium manufacturing, and is a vital model for the UAE's ability to attract industries.


These visits are part of the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology’s efforts to communicate directly with its partners in the industrial sector, follow up on innovative industrial projects and continue to develop an environment that contributes to enhancing the sector’s success based on the foundations of innovation, sustainability and ability to shape the future. The Ministry also believes the ideas and operations of leading companies can assist in its efforts to raise the industrial sector’s contribution to the national economy, and enhance the UAE’s global position as an attractive destination for investment.


Enviroserve's facility is the largest of its kind in the world and extends over an area of 280,000 square feet. It has a total integrated processing capacity of 100,000 tons of specialized waste, including the ability to process 39,000 tons of electronic and electrical waste annually. The facility, which operates without gas or liquid emissions, features a mechanical separation process free of chemical residues and uses industrial air filtration, allowing recovery rates of 96 percent, which results in 38 million kilograms of waste removed from landfills every year.


The Unilever factory, which has obtained international quality certificates, is the largest manufacturer of liquid personal care products in the Middle East and North Africa, producing nearly 400 brands. Used by more than 3.4 billion people in 190 countries, its product range includes beauty products, personal care, home care, food and refreshments. The Unilever factory in Dubai Industrial City is the regional headquarters for the Middle East and North Africa, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Turkey.


Enabling National Industries


In line with the strategy of the Ministry of Advanced Technology (MoIAT) to empower national industries, enhance their competitiveness, and expand their growth and development prospects, His Excellency Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber was briefed by His Excellency Malek Sultan Al Malek, Director General of the Dubai Development Authority and Group CEO of TECOM Group, and Saud Abu Al Shawareb, Managing Director of Dubai Industrial City, about DI’s future plans, and discussed the ambitions of the manufacturers in the coming period.


Global Destination for Industrial Companies


Al Jaber commended the advanced infrastructure and integrated solutions Dubai Industrial City provides to manufacturers, companies and investors. He also commended the advanced capabilities of Enviroserve and Unilever’s factory and their contribution to the industrial development in the UAE through their innovative and pioneering models.


His Excellency Dr. Sultan bin Ahmed Al Jaber said: “Through these visits, we aim to discuss ways to provide a supportive business environment for local and international investors in the industrial sector, in line with the Ministry’s strategy to transform the UAE into a major hub for future industries and advanced industries, as well as assist in opening up new regional and global markets to UAE-made products.”


His Excellency said: “The directives of the wise leadership to focus on enhancing the role of the industrial sector in the national economy and elevate its competitiveness serve as a roadmap for the ministry to transform the UAE into a key destination for global industrial companies and investments in the fields of industry and advanced technology. Today, we are witnessing significant development embodied by the likes of Dubai Industrial City, which is attracting global industrial projects by providing the environment and solutions that support their growth. This confirms the ability of the UAE industrial sector to attract quality investments.”


His Excellency added: “We invite all investors and industrialists to benefit from the substantial competitive advantages available in the UAE, which give them the opportunity to realize their ambitions in manufacturing, developing and exporting their products. We follow up on all innovative industrial projects and focus on ensuring we develop an environment that contributes to their success. The Ministry engages in direct communication with all of our partners in the advanced industrial sector, as well as the relevant authorities at the federal and local levels, to enhance the competitive advantages of national products in line with our vision of establishing a sustainable, knowledge-based economy that is based on advanced technology and related industries.”


His Excellency stressed that the Ministry will continue to cooperate with local partners to implement its strategic goals and achieve the vision of the wise leadership that aims to encourage the growth of the industrial sector, improve its performance and enhance its competitiveness and productivity through a comprehensive qualitative leap that contributes to increasing the share of industry in the GDP in line with the bold ambitions of the UAE for the next 50 years.


A Leading Industrial Sector


For his part, His Excellency Malek Sultan Al Malek, Director General of the Dubai Development Authority and Group CEO of TECOM Group, highlighted the importance of the visit of His Excellency Dr. Sultan bin Ahmed Al Jaber, Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology, and his delegation. He stated, “The visit is an extension of the strategic partnership between both entities, aiming to enhance efforts in achieving the objectives of the National Strategy for Industry and Advanced Technology and boosting the contribution of the industrial sector to the national economy.”


“TECOM Group, through Dubai Industrial City, has attracted leading regional and global corporations in key industrial and logistical sectors. We have nurtured an enabling environment to facilitate growth and expansion, as well as promoted the export of high-quality, UAE-made products to markets across the region and the globe.”


He added: “The factories visited in DI employ some of the latest technologies and advanced solutions in the fields of manufacturing and warehousing, in addition to maintaining the highest standards of sustainability and alternative energy. They reflect the strength and innovative spirit of the UAE’s industrial sector, made possible by our leadership’s commitment to developing supportive legislation, a competitive business environment, and prioritizing the availability of specialized talent and expertise.”


“DI continues to grow by attracting new investments and building strategic partnerships to enhance its contribution to the industrial economy, including the recent agreement with Emirates Development Bank to offer innovative and diversified financing solutions to SMEs in vital industries.”


Enviroserve: A Success Story


Enviroserve is an e-waste company based in Dubai Industrial City. It focuses on recycling and processing electronic and electrical waste and equipment, and the disposal of information technology assets, refrigerants and specialized waste. The company uses the latest technologies to reclaim electronic waste, which align with and exceed EU standards.


Lyes Yahiaoui, CEO of Enviroserve, gave a detailed explanation of the company and its activities in the UAE that have witnessed significant expansion in the past few years as the country accelerates its efforts to transition to a green economy. The company has expanded from the UAE to new markets in Africa, the Middle East and the Caucasus region.


He said: ““It was an absolute honor to welcome H.E. Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al Jabr, UAE Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology, and His Excellencies delegation from MOIAT to The Recycling Hub by Enviroserve, a state-of-the-art sustainable recycling facility, and an example of “Make It In The Emirates”. It was a joy to witness the immediate involvement and dedication of H.E. Dr Sultan Ahmed Jaber in ensuring UAE Industry continues to reflect growth, greater awareness and sustainability. Forming a meaningful partnership with MOIAT enables the UAE Industry and Advanced Technology sectors continue to be self-sufficient and enables us all to reach our goals of achieving UAE Industrial medium and long term goals”


“In ensuring the full use of the recycling model that Enviroserve has created, we are dedicated to retaining the wealth of the commodities we process remains in the UAE, while making the industrial sector more environmental friendly without affecting its growth. We remain committed to developing closer engagement with all government entities.”


Unilever: From the UAE to the World


Unilever’s factory, which was established in the UAE in 1992, is the largest factory for liquid personal care products in the MENA region, with an investment value of AED1 billion. The company’s cosmetics and personal care products that are manufactured in this factory bear the Made in the UAE mark and, as the facility flourishes, there are estimates that the number of countries to which its products will be exported will increase to more than 40 by 2023.


Sanjeev Kakar, Executive Vice President of Unilever in the Middle East and North Africa, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, gave a detailed explanation of Unilever and its factory, which has obtained international quality certificates. Its nearly 400 brands reach 190 countries and are used by more than 3.4 billion people, and include beauty products, personal care, home care, food and refreshments. The Unilever factory in Dubai Industrial City is the regional headquarters for the Middle East and North Africa, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Turkey.


Unilever’s Executive Vice President said: “Unilever’s Dubai Personal Care (DPC) Factory is a testament to our commitment in driving sustainability in our operations. It’s recognition in 2020 by the World Economic Forum as a 4th Industrial Revolution Lighthouse - the first in UAE and first non-energy site in MENA - is a demonstration of the benefits of leveraging technology to not only drive radical leaps in development, but also a more sustainable footprint. DPC has delivered an 84% reduction in CO2 emissions from energy along with a 22% energy consumption reduction (per tonne of production), with 90% of effluent reused. We are now focused towards achieving Unilever commitment to net zero emissions by 2030.”


He also noted that the company has a strong sustainability agenda, as it achieved 100 percent renewable electricity in 2019, and reinforced its commitment to combating climate change and protecting the environment by announcing its goal of achieving zero emissions through its own operations by 2030. Processing and reusing 90 percent of generated wastewater, the plant is an impressive example of a manufacturing facility that supports the Dubai Industrial Strategy 2030 through innovation and development of a knowledge-based hub and sustainable industrial activities.


His Excellency Dr. Sultan bin Ahmed Al Jaber was accompanied by His Excellency Omar Al Suwaidi, Undersecretary of the Ministry, His Excellency Osama Amir Fadl, Assistant Undersecretary for the Industrial Accelerators Sector, His Excellency Abdullah Al Shamsi, Assistant Undersecretary for the Industrial Development Sector, and Eng. Farah AlZarooni, Acting Assistant Undersecretary for the Specifications and Legislations Sector.


Dubai Industrial City


Dubai Industrial City, one of the largest industrial hubs in the region, is made up of sector-focused zones covering metals, base metals, food and beverages, trade and distribution, transportation, chemicals, and machinery and equipment. It currently supports more than 780 business partners, including more than 280 operational factories with an additional 70 factories under construction. It also hosts leading regional and global companies who benefit from world-class connectivity and infrastructure directly linked to major roads, seaports, airports and soon railways, with DI enabling energy solutions and promoting the expansion of existing industries.


The hub provides advanced infrastructure and integrated solutions for manufacturers, companies and investors. It is an important part of Dubai Industrial Strategy 2030, with an active role in developing priority areas such as the food and beverage sector, in addition to other industrial and technological sectors.


Success stories include investment agreements with Wenchao Group, which signed on last November to establish a AED735 million food manufacturing factory in Dubai Industrial City. A strategic partnership agreement was signed in mid-October with Al Ameera Food Industries to establish three new food production plants across a total area of 22,000 square meters with an investment of AED100 million over the next five years. Towards the end of March 2022, M Glory Holding Group laid the foundation stone for the first UAE industrial facility for manufacturing electric vehicles (EVs) in DI worth an investment of AED1.5 billion.


The Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology also signed a strategic partnership with Dubai Industrial City with the aim of enhancing the performance of the industrial sector in the country. The partnership aims to stimulate the economy by aligning efforts with the “Industry 4.0” program, attracting investments through the “Make It in the Emirates” campaign and achieving net zero by 2050.


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