Dubai Industrial City announces the official opening of the Al Damani Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Factory by M Glory


Dubai, UAE, 5 October 2022: :M Glory Holding Group and Dubai Industrial City, a member of TECOM Group PJSC, announce the opening of Al Damani’s new 45,000-sqft factory, which represents a major milestone in the manufacturing of electric cars to meet a rising demand for green mobility to reduce global carbon emissions. The new plant houses the temporary assembly line, which has a maximum production capacity of 10,000 cars per year.


The factory’s groundbreaking ceremony was presided over by Dr. Majida Al-Azazi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of M Glory Holding Group, and Saud Abu Al-Shawareb, Executive Vice President - Industrial Leasing at TECOM Group PJSC, along with other top business leaders and media representatives.


On behalf of Dubai Industrial City, Saud Abu Al-Shawareb, Executive Vice President of Industrial Leasing at TECOM Group PJSC, said: "We are delighted to announce the inauguration of Al Damani Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Factory in Dubai Industrial City. This historic milestone will provide another low-emission energy source and contribute to creating a more sustainable future for the UAE and the region. By delivering cutting-edge, technologically supported solutions in line with Operation 300bn and driven by our partnership with the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology, the manufacturing sector can play a crucial role in supporting the national net zero strategy. The opening of M Glory in our community illustrates our dedication to boosting the manufacturing sector and our belief in providing a comprehensive ecosystem that enables regional manufacturers like M Glory to establish businesses and further the "Make it in the Emirates" initiative.”


As a member of the TECOM Group PJSC, Dubai Industrial City is one of the most prominent industrial and logistics hubs in the region, home to international, regional, and local manufacturing giants in a wide range of strategic sectors. It greatly contributes to the achievement of several national strategies, such as Operations 300bn.


Dr. Majida Al-Azazi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of M Glory Holding Group, said: "Today marks the official opening of the Damani Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Factory, the first and only facility of its kind in the UAE to meet international specifications where we will manufacture environmentally-friendly electric cars, contributing to global efforts to reduce carbon emissions and support sustainable development."


Dr. Al Azazi added: "This temporary plant for the production of electric vehicles is located on the a million square feet oasis and will be used until the sustainable and comprehensive facility in Dubai Industrial City is completed; it will be operational in the next two years and have a production capacity of 55,000 electric cars yearly.”


She continued that due to the cars’ compatibility with the environment and atmosphere of the Gulf area, they will be competitive and durable, offering qualitative addition to the electric car sector.


Dr. Al-Azazi highlighted that the 50 principles announced by the UAE government contributed greatly to the country’s industrial sector, which is experiencing a wonderful revival. Such vision has hastened the sector's development by boosting national industrial institutions and companies, enhancing their operations, and creating new markets that have allowed them to expand on a global level.


She concluded, "I appreciate the assistance and facilities offered by Dubai Industrial City to launch this first industrial facility of its kind in the Middle East, as it offers the ideal ecosystem for launching and developing our goals and future expansion plans."



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